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What is Somatic Nutrition?

Hormones (endocrine system), neurotransmitters and digestion (gut health) are interrelated. As a whole, they impact the energy, emotional health and physical well- being of each person. Somatic Nutrition is a method based on a holistic view of the organism as an interconnected whole.

It examines interactions and connections at different levels: biochemical, physiological, metabolic, neurological and psychological.

Analyzes the connection between body and mind.


It looks for the real causes and disorders that each person experiences in his or her daily life.

In short, with the Somatic Nutrition Method we recognize that all of our biological systems work together in an interwoven way.

That is why more and more, scientific studies are cross-cutting pillars such as nutrition, gut health, high-impact stress, lifestyles, mental health, the body’s immune performance, supplementation, exercise and relaxation, etc.

It is a complex system where our hormones and neurotransmitters are interrelated, with repercussions on our mood and mental health.

Harness your uniqueness to regain your balance and achieve a fulfilling life

Through somatic therapy, you will be able to confront the idea that your eating disorder defines your identity. Instead, you will begin to discover and celebrate your uniqueness as the person you really are.

Somatic Nutrition’s main objective is to restore balance in all aspects of your life related to your health, your vitality, your energy…

It’s not just about changing your eating habits: it’s an opportunity to reach your maximum well-being and express your full potential and get rid of the discomforts that limit your life. You will recover the fullness of your life, in coherence and connection with your environment.

Three fundamental pillars of Somatic Nutrition

Somatic Nutrition is based on three fundamental premises


Uses scientific evidence to support its methods and approaches.


Promotes constant awareness of internal and external changes in your body.


Empower through compassionate care and control of your health.

"The most important decision you will ever make will be to go find yourself"

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