Elizabeth Manzo

Who am I?

My passion for healthy nutrition smells like the ocean

My story begins in Mar del Plata, a beautiful coastal city 400 kilometers from Buenos Aires, Argentina. There I discovered my passion for medicinal plants and the special environments that surrounded me. Harnessing the peace and health that nature provides has been a mantra for me ever since.

I began my academic journey studying the Food Industry and Technology sector, but soon felt the need to delve deeper into the field of health. This increased my connection to natural medicine and the healing potential I always found in the balanced environments around me.

My path brought me to Barcelona, Spain, a cosmopolitan city near the sea, where I have been able to maintain my connection with nature and consolidate my profession. Here I became an expert in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science, in Psychoneuroimmunology and in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

I have spent the last three decades studying and working on what I am passionate about: nutritional trends and the influence of food on health status.

Why did I feel “dirty”: healthy nutrition and mental health?

In the beginning, although I advanced in my nutrition studies and kept eating quality foods, I suffered from an inner imbalance. As a nutrition professional, I strived to pass on healthy eating habits and applied them to myself, but still, I did not feel full wellness.

One day I hit rock bottom and decided to seek help. I am grateful that I had the courage to do so, because it is a difficult step. However, it was the only way I could understand that I was carrying a poorly managed emotional burden, which was causing me sadness, apathy and discomfort. The only solution was to face my reality and take steps to feel healthy in all aspects: physical, nutritional and emotional.

The first step on this path was to overcome the trauma of the abuse I suffered in my childhood, to stop and think about myself in a holistic way, and to change the perspective of my personal and professional life.

Somatic Nutrition®:
my reason for living and profession


I finally understood why some people who came to me looking for changes in their eating habits faced obstacles that seemed insurmountable. I decided to enhance my training in nutrition and body somatics. Currently, in addition to having several accreditations in the area of nutrition, I have been trained in Somatic Experiencing®, integrative psychotherapy and psychology.

I dedicate myself to what really fills me with happiness: helping people to find their holistic well-being. It’s not just about nutrition, but about healing from the inside out, releasing the emotional burdens that prevent us from reaching our full health potential.

This quest motivated me to develop my own SOMATIC NUTRITION® method, an invitation to inhabit your body from the inside out. I share with you all the lessons I have learned through the connection with my body and food through my podcast Somatic Nutrition®, my social networks, my courses for professionals, my workshops and my psychotherapy and nutrition practice… In addition, I have the honor of chairing the Board of Directors of the Somatic Experiencing Spain Association (AESE).

My mission is to provide you with the tools to achieve a true balance in your life, whether you are looking for a personal change, or if you want to promote the well-being of the people around you.

"The most important decision you will ever make will be to go find yourself"

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